Friday, November 19, 2010

Links of the Day: CATFISH (2010) and 127 HOURS (2010)

It feels like it's been 127 years since I've posted anything here. In lieu of the usual litany of excuses and explanations, I'll commence with the link dump.

Over at In Review Online, I tackle controversial documentary/potential ruse Catfish. (A fair warning, unceremoniously excised from my review: there are MAJOR SPOILERS in this piece. To fully grapple with the work, I felt it necessary to discuss its major "twist," the implications and consequences that it incurs. If you want the full impact of the film's big reveal, hold out on reading my review until after you've checked it. You have been properly warned.)

While you're over there, check out my review of 127 Hours, which I wrote from Toronto back in September. It's been starred and blurb-ed, for those interested in an at-a-glance assessment. In a twist as curious as Catfish, I somehow manage to pen this one almost completely free of spoilers...including any explicit mention of how this highly-publicized true story ended. Go figure.